Healthy Now: A Men’s Health Coalition Launches

A national survey of over 1,500 men shows more than half were unsure of how to improve their mental and sexual health. A new partnership aims to change that through education and free virtual consultations.

  • Endo, Vault Health, the Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA) and Men’s Health Network (MHN) join forces to launch Healthy Now: A Men’s Health Coalition™ to encourage men to make all aspects of their health—physical, mental and sexual—a priority
  • New national survey underscores the need for and importance of the education and access to resources provided by this new program
  • Visit offers information on physical, mental and sexual health issues and access to a free virtual consultation through Vault Health

DUBLIN, June 9, 2022 – A recent survey of 1,517 U.S. men ages 18-80 commissioned by Men’s Health magazine publisher Hearst media company found that less than half of men surveyed rated their physical (40%), mental (42%) and sexual (35%) health as excellent or very good.1

Lack of knowledge around sexual and mental health was particularly significant. Over half of all men surveyed reported they didn’t know about ways to improve their overall mental health (54%).1 Of the sexually active men (n=1,331) surveyed, over half (53%) stated they didn’t know about how to improve their sexual health.

To address this public health gap, Endo International plc (NASDAQ:ENDP), in partnership with Vault Health, the Sexual Medicine Society of North America (SMSNA) and Men’s Health Network (MHN), launched Healthy Now: A Men’s Health Coalition™, which encourages men to make their physical, sexual and mental health a priority through awareness and access to resources.

The Healthy Now website,, provides educational information about men’s health conditions, guidance on how men should take care of themselves as they age and access to a free virtual consultation through Vault Health’s secure portal—all from the privacy and comfort of their home.

The Healthy Now partners believe that providing health education and access to a healthcare provider is one solution to motivating men to prioritize their health. The Hearst survey supports that notion: 73% of all surveyed men wanted access to information on medical conditions that might affect them, and of the surveyed men who tried tele-medicine in the last two years (n=788), 50% preferred the convenience of a virtual appointment to an in-person doctor’s office visit.1

Additionally, while most men surveyed had health insurance (89%),1 high healthcare-related costs or lack of coverage have led to approximately two-thirds of men ages 18-34 (69%) and half of men ages 35 and older (51%) to take actions that could potentially negatively impact their health, including ignoring symptoms they hope will go away and postponing or cancelling/skipping a doctor appointment.1

“The tendency among men to ignore symptoms due to healthcare costs could leave them vulnerable to illnesses later in life or a worsening of chronic conditions,” said Ravi Tayi, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer for Endo. “Endo strives to be a force for good, and through Healthy Now, we want to help change these concerning statistics by encouraging men to take charge of their own health.”

Free Virtual Consultation

At, men can sign up for a free 15-minute virtual consultation through Vault Health’s secure portal. During the consultation, a Vault Health representative can provide an initial health evaluation and help determine if a follow-up appointment with a healthcare provider is needed.

The initial 15-minute appointment is completely free for men, regardless of their healthcare insurance status. Following the free consultation, Vault Health will help determine the appropriate next steps and can help explore options for payment/reimbursement if they continue care through Vault Health.

“The COVID-19 pandemic increased many men’s apprehension about going to a doctor’s office or an urgent care center. By offering them a free initial virtual consultation through Healthy Now, we hope to bridge this gap,” said Alex Pastuszak, MD, PhD, President of Clinical Care and Chief Clinical Officer at Vault Health. “We believe the convenience of a virtual appointment, in the privacy and comfort of their own home, will help men take that first step in getting the help they need.”

Additional Survey Results

Among men surveyed who have been sexually active (n=1,331):

  • More than half (69%) said they were open to advice on ways to have a healthier and better sex life.1
  • More than one-quarter (27%) would rather “get a root canal” than talk about a sexual health issue.1
  • While two-thirds (66%) said it was important to regularly do a “below-the-belt” self-exam, 47% said they didn’t have a clue how to do one.1
  • More than one-third (39%) reported they have experienced a sexual health issue or problem.1
  • Of those men who reported they experienced a sexual health issue (n=514), only 51% discussed such "below-the-belt" issues with any medical professional (e.g., urologist, therapist/counselor or any other doctor or medical professional), and only 44% discussed with their spouse/partner.1

Misconceptions about mental health still exist among all surveyed men, but there is willingness to seek help:

  • While more than one-third said that only individuals with serious mental/emotional health issues that prevent them from functioning should seek therapy (33%) and issues like depression and anxiety are something you have to control on your own (39%), nearly two-thirds (64%) were open to seeing a therapist if they experienced emotional issues.1
  • Men may also need more support from their loved ones. Nearly half (46%) reported that they only sometimes (28%), rarely (13%) or never (5%) receive mental and emotional support they need from family or friends.1

The Hearst survey of 1,517 men ages 18-80 captured feedback about their perspectives on health maintenance, doctor visits and their physical, sexual and mental well-being. The survey was conducted online in March 2022 by Research Solutions, Inc.

“We know from research that physical, mental and sexual health are all connected. A physical ailment, for example, can affect your mental health, and a mental health issue can lead to problems with sexual health,” said Salvatore Giorgianni, PharmD, Senior Science Advisor at Men’s Health Network. “Through Healthy Now, we’re educating men that it’s vital to take care of all three.”

“Most men don’t recognize that below-the-belt issues may be a barometer for their overall health and a sign of other health problems” said Mohit Khera, MD, President-elect of SMSNA. “Working with our industry and advocacy partners, we want to offer men a trusted resource for information that addresses their health concerns, including their sexual and reproductive health.”

About Healthy Now: A Men’s Health Coalition™

Healthy Now is committed to making access to care available to all men. We recognize that access to healthcare can be challenging for some men, and they may feel stress and even fear about seeking help for physical, mental and sexual health concerns. A free initial 15-minute virtual consultation may help men determine the appropriate next steps for their health. The free consultation will be offered through the end of December 2022 in the U.S. only.

For additional information—including the ability to book a free virtual consultation—go to

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1.  Hearst Media Survey. 1,517 U.S. adult men ages 18-80 regarding men’s healthcare concerns. Conducted March 2022.

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