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MHN is seeking interns to be directly involved with our mission of promoting the health needs and overall well-being of men, boys and their families. With offices located in Alexandria, Virginia near the King Street Metro Station, and a presence on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, MHN works to educate policy makers, the media, and the public on the health crisis facing today's men and the need for both men and women to know about male specific diseases and how male health problems affect the workplace, the economy, and family and other loved ones.

Here is what some of our past interns have to say about their experience with MHN:

Anneliese Schneider

Jacob Roy

Christian Bernal

And, here's what others are saying:

My internship time at MHN provided me the opportunity to apply the skills and techniques I learned into valuable real-world applications to be used in education and policy-making.
Anthony, University of Southern California

If you ever have the opportunity to intern at MHN, I would highly recommend you take it. You will get a real taste of what it's like to work in public health, gaining valuable experience in fields that range from communications to public policy. From going to Capitol Hill to helping out at health fairs, you will always have something to do, and at the end of the day, it's for a great cause in men's health!
Adam, American University

I can’t be thankful enough for the opportunity that I had to intern at MHN. I was given wonderful opportunities to increase my knowledge and skills on educating and bringing awareness to specific health issues. Some of my most valuable experiences were being able to meet with members of Congress during Men’s Health Month, representing MHN at health fairs, and assisting during our annual Congressional health screening, and participate in OVAC Lobby Day. The staff at MHN are amazing to work with. They are professionals that are always willing to help you and are fun to be around. I am happy that I chose to intern at MHN.
Colton, BYU

It was a worthwhile and a great learning experience. The staff at the organization were very professional and helpful as far as helping one get acquainted with the daily running of the organization. I had a rich and fulfilling experience and would encourage others to take advantage of this opportunity to hone networking and advocacy skills.
Elsie, SUNY - University of Albany

It was really interesting to work here in DC. It was really good to work here at Men's Health Network. I was invited by MHN to go to conferences and...I met the French President's brother. It was interesting working with a team - my advice, come here and work with the team ... you will have a good experience.
Thomas (from France)

This internship opportunity could include, but not be limited to:

Health outreach:

  • Development of original health informational brochures and literature hand-outs
  • Represent MHN at health fairs, trade shows and public policy events
  • Internet correspondence with various health e-mail groups


  • Develop and disseminate messaging on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms
  • Engage health leaders and personalities with key health messaging
  • Contribute to a blog on men's health topics and identify guest contributors
  • Contact media outlets for placement of original content related to men's health

Legislative advocacy:

  • Preparation of educational materials and briefings for Congressional staff
  •  Attend Congressional hearings and local seminars

Research issues such as:

  • Health disparities in education and medical research
  • Family issues such as adoption, child abuse, custody, foster care and welfare

This is a hands-on experience in health promotion and public policy. Qualifications include enthusiasm, basic computer skills, confidence in written and oral communication skills and being an independent initiator. Work hours are negotiable and flexible. A learning plan is tailored to best suit your interests upon arrival at the Men's Health Network. Your primary office location will be in the Alexandria, Virginia office.

To apply, submit our Internship Application.

For any questions, please contact our office:
Men's Health Network
202-543-6461 ext. 101