April 7, 2015

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April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month

(Washington, DC) –Testicular Cancer is the most common cancer among males age 15-35. Yet, testicular cancer has one of the highest survival rates if found early. With this in mind, Men’s Health Network (MHN) encourages boys and men to perform monthly testicular self exams (TSE).

Furthermore, in recognition of Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, MHN is rolling out a unique campaign called Save the Doodads, www.savethedoodads.org, to raise awareness of testicular cancer and the importance of testicular self-examinations. MHN is proud to collaborate with the "Doodad Crew" at East Tennessee State University's College of Public Health on a variety of campus-wide special events and health promotion activites regarding testicular cancer and overall men's health.

“Testicular cancer is a very serious but very treatable cancer,” said Brandon Leonard, Director of Strategic Initiatives at Men’s Health Network. “The key is reaching younger men who often don’t receive as many cancer prevention messages and educating them about the importance of early detection.”

In preparation for Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, Men’s Health Network (MHN) recommends that men perform a monthly testicular self-exam. A how-to guide can be found at www.menshealthnetwork.org/library/tca.pdf  MHN also urges men to talk with their health care provider about getting a professional testicular exam during their yearly physical exam.  Women can also play a role by encouraging their husbands, partners, sons, and brothers to speak to their health care provider and to start doing their TSE.

More information can be found at the Men’s Health Resource Center: www.MensHealthResourceCenter.com


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