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Key Health Indicators

Men's Health Facts: flyer

Top Causes of Death

Life Expectancy by Sex and Race, History: 1920-current

Life Expectancy by Sex and Race, History: 1920-current (alternate format)

Life Expectancy by Sex and Race: Birth to 100: Chart

Age Adjusted Death Rates and Infant Mortality

Death Rates Among Infants: Infant Mortality by Sex and Race / Ethnicity



Prostate Cancer Facts

Prostate Cancer, A Snapshot - Incidence-Mortality-Research

Prostate Cancer Incidence and Mortality Rates : by Race, Ethnicity, and Age

Prostate Cancer in the States - Incidence and Mortality

Prostate Cancer Death and Incidence Rates - Congressional Districts: CDC 

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month - Presidential Proclamation



Silent Health Crisis

STDs in America

Child and Adolescent Injury Facts

Suicide Statistics by Sex and Ethnicity

Drowning statistics by Sex and Ethnicity

Smoking Statistics by Sex and Ethnicity

Homicide Statistics by Sex and Ethnicity

Death Rates for Motor Vehicle-related Injuries - Sex - Race - Age

Motor Vehicle Deaths and Injuries by Sex - Teens

Fire Injury and Death by Sex and Race

Workplace fatalities

Traumatic Brain Injury by Sex and Age



Other data:

Health Insurance Coverage by Sex

Physician Visits: Men and Women: CDC

Aging in America - flyer

Premature Death among Men = Poverty for Aging Women - flyer


Older data:

Silent Health Crisis: chart - 2007 data

Top 10 Causes of Death 1998: chart


Men's Health Library (searchable):
Men's Health Library