WAPC in the Media


Asbury Park Press
December 25th, 2007
The Asbury Park Press in New Jersey noted the creation of Women Against Prostate Cancer as a way to support women who are struggling with the effects of a loved one with prostate cancer. The article discusses Betty Gallo's personal story as well as that of Shelia Rosko, a member of WAPC. Betty mentions the progress that prostate cancer has made as people become more health conscious, but also that there is still a lot of work to do.
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The Star Ledger
December 23th, 2007
This article from December 23, 2007 edition of The Star Ledger highlights the purpose and vision of Women Against Prostate Cancer. In addition it mentions the frequency of prostate cancer and Betty Gallo is quoted saying "That lack of discussion can often put a strain on a woman, who oftentimes may be trying to serve as caregiver for their loved one diagnosed with prostate caner," in regards to the fact that many women won't address the illness-related issues of impotence, incontinence, and sexual function.
The Advocate
December 12th, 2007
On December 12, 2007, reported on the first ever of meeting of Women Against Prostate Cancer / Louisiana Symposium on Men's Health in Baton Rouge, LA. The importance of prostate exams and regular health check-ups for men were stressed. The article also quoted Betty Gallo saying that women can influence the health of men in their lives, "Nag. Nag. Nag. Nag them until they go to the doctor."