Women Against Prostate Cancer (WAPC) is a new organization developing a grassroots network of women volunteers who have been adversely affected by prostate cancer. The organization at its core has advocates, widows, healthcare professionals, and caregivers that will work in collaboration with other organizations and entities. We aim to provide support for women and their families affected by prostate cancer through providing access to resources and supportive programming. WAPC is setup to be a tool for women to harness the power of their voices as being affected by prostate cancer and advance national and state-based policy, media, and educational efforts.

Background & About Us

Men's Health Network (MHN) in conjunction with the Dean & Betty Gallo Prostate Cancer Center has founded Women Against Prostate Cancer (WAPC). Members of the group represent over 20 states and a variety of backgrounds and expertise. Our first meeting took place in Baton Rouge in December of 2007 and the group has continued to gain momentum since then.

Mission Statement

Women Against Prostate Cancer (WAPC) is a national organization working to unite the voices and provide support for the millions of women and their families affected by prostate cancer. WAPC advocates prostate cancer education, public awareness, screenings, legislation, and treatment options.

WAPC Network

The organization is comprised of women affected by prostate cancer, working in collaboration with healthcare providers and other organizations. The volunteer leadership will be state and regional based, and structured as a national network.

Statement of Need

To put it simply, prostate cancer (and the health of men) has not been receiving the attention, funding, and support it deserves. One in six men born today will be diagnosed with prostate caner in their lifetime. This year (2007) alone, the National Cancer Institute estimates 219,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, resulting in more than 27,000 deaths. Prostate cancer does not affect men in isolation, it often has a devastating effect on entire families, especially women. Women Against Prostate Cancer aims to bring together and support women who have been affected by the disease, using their passion and determination to further funding, advocacy, and education of the disease.


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Women Against Prostate Cancer
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