Men’s Health Network Calls For Greater Awareness Concerning Veterans' Sexual Health

WASHINGTON —In its latest issue brief and forthcoming white paper, Men’s Health Network (MHN) is calling for greater awareness and access to sexual health services for the nation’s veterans and active duty servicemembers, which are among key findings from the brief studying the sexual health of the nation’s military.

The issue brief and its accompanying white paper were both commissioned after MHN hosted the Veterans and Sexual Health Dialogue in 2015 to explore the sexual health and sexual functioning of military men and women. The dialogue group believes the topics are important components to physical health and wellness and seek to counteract the lack of attention these issues are receiving from the military health care system.

“Lack of communication and openness around sexual health, sexual dysfunction, and orientation remains a significant but infrequently discussed issue for our nation’s veterans,” said Ana Fadich, Vice President of Men’s Health Network. “Cultural norms within the armed forces can create a barrier in communications between servicemembers and their medical providers.”

Key findings from the brief include the consequences of unresolved sexual issues of military personnel including a reduced quality of life, chronic depression, impaired personal relations, and impaired family stability.

MHN is advocating for greater education and improved communication between service members/veterans and medical providers—nurses, nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants. The report also recommends the military do more to remove stigmas around sexual dysfunction by making it clear that discussing sexuality and sexual health with a medical professional will not impact a servicemember’s assignment, promotion, security clearance, and overall career.

MHN will be publishing a white paper on the topic in early 2017.

Click here to see the issue brief.

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