Talking About Men’s Health Named Among Best Men’s Health Blogs

WASHINGTON —Talking About Men’s Health (TAMH) has once again been named among the best men’s health blog on the Internet. A trio of health-related web sites reviewed the blogs and named it among their Top 10.

Editors at Healthline, a San Francisco-based health information platform and web portal, carefully select the annual list of blogs that post frequent updates, high-quality information and that educate, inspire, and empower their readers. The 2016 list features nine male-centric health blogs including TAMH, which editors praised for its variety, trustworthy contributors, and engaging topics.

“…with a large panel of contributors that include men’s health experts, sexual health experts, family doctors, officials from government organizations, and a team of knowledgeable writers,” editors wrote about the blog. “Because the knowledge base is so broad, you’ll find a variety of intriguing and important topics here — from learning to identify the signs of an abdominal aortic aneurysm to the importance of having engaging hobbies.”

Founded in 2007 as information and discussion platform for men managed by Men’s Health Network, TAMH attracts a staple of contributors and discussion topics.

“Talking About Men’s Health is thrilled to be named in Healthline’s list for the second year in a row,” says TAMH editor Armin Brott. “We consistently strive to be a resource for men and their families.” LaFleur Counseling, a leading D.C.-based therapy platform, also noted TAMH as one of the Internet’s leading blogs for men’s health.

“Covering topics from how to sculpt shoulders to sex and relationship issues, this blog has something interesting to read for virtually every man,” the site wrote. Healthline and LaFleur’s reviews come just months after Rejoyn—a global leader in therapy systems—also ranked TAMH as one its best health blogs for men.

“Talking About Men’s Health contains blogs, videos, and editorials to promote the health and well-being of boys, men, and their families. The site covers several health issues, including fitness needs, diabetes, eyecare, nutrition, and prostate health,” the site wrote.

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