Image: Logo of Men's Health Network

MHN - Combined Federal Campaign - CFC # - 1 0 8 2 5

Men's Health Network displays focus on major health initiatives, important public policy statements, and disease awareness and prevention.
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The Men's Health Network maintains two professional displays to promote preventive health care, regular screening, and education. Informational brochures and reprints, promotional items, and informative videos are featured. The role that women play in men's health care is emphasized.
MHN's large display is featured at trade shows and conventions.  Here MHN displays at the Rotary International Convention in Barcelona, Spain.

MHN displays are seen at major health events like the 2000 AUA conference in Georgia.

Men's Health Network worksite displays include health proclamations issued by governors and mayors, informational brochures, and promotional items designed to entertain and inform.

Male consumers are attracted to MHN informational displays.

Panels from the standard tradeshow display are featured below.  The importance that family plays in promoting healthy lifestyles among men is highlighted in the background as are various aspects of male work and recreational activities.


The left panel describes Men's Health Network initiatives.
The middle panel highlights statements by former Congressman Bill Richardson (D-NM) and former Senator Bob Dole (R-KS), both sponsors of National Men's Health Week.
The right panel provides a list of health problems that are of particular concern for men and their families, and encourages prevention, awareness, and early detection.